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The ultimate dream of Engr Orandantes M. Delizo is to share his attained knowledge to his Fellow Filipinos and to the Community. He organized a group and initialized its formation on 15 December 2002. A formal request was sent 15 January 2003 and submitted all documents including trainer’s profiles, course outlines, By Laws and proposed courses to the Office of the Labour Attache and the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration for approval. That dream came true last 1 February 2002 when Labour Attache Mrs Carmelita Arriola and Supervising Welfare Officer Ferdinand Roxas granted CADD Group approval in conducting Autocad and 3D Modelling/Rendering Course.

Upon approval, all trainers were sent to the trainer’s program organized by the POLO/OWWA Dubai to prepare them in conducting the courses. The Basic and Advance Autocad Course started last 12 February 2003 with a total of 70 students. Although the course is intended for technically oriented professionals, the enthusiasm of our “kababayans” who are in the other fields has given the organization a big challenge to impart knowledge to them. It is the student’s interest in learning the course the primary requirements in order to qualify for the training.

CADD Group Dubai started training once a week at the POLO/OWWA hall and laboratory works in the student’s place selected by their group. From 2002 onwards, the phase of CADD Group training blossoms not only in Dubai but also in the Northern Emirates. More Overseas Filipino Workers were benefited by the training and become successful using the accumulated skills and experience from the organization. It was renamed recently into CADD for Kabayan to ensure authenticity of Filipino training.


About CADD


CADD is the acronym that stands for Computer Aided Design & Drafting, a powerful tool being used by Engineer’s and Architects in generation of drawing, sketches and even 3-Dimensional models. Familiarity of this tools needs to have a basic knowledge in both manual drafting and computer operational systems. The CADD is being runned by a certain software in the world, AutoCAD by Autodesk and the Microstation by Bentley. Basic CADD training starts with the use of most common commands and familiarity, while advanced lessons covers drawing preparations, procedures and the 3-Dimensional modeling. This training program is under the auspices of the Philippine Embassy, Office of the Labour Attach¨¦ and the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration. Trainers who would be conducting the course are CADD users for more than 10 years and holds a Senior level in the company.



The main objective of the group is to give OFW’s and their dependants, a chance to compete in the world of Information Technology using the latest methods of drawing techniques and computer programs Aside from the learning process, trainees would have an opportunity to step for a better career advancement as well.



To provide useful and quality Computer Aided Design & Drafting training programs. To help members obtain industry-recognized Computer Certification. To conduct workshops, lectures and seminars on topics of interest in AutoCAD To promote brotherhood and camaraderie among its members and between CADD and other organizations To serve as an implementing arm for the Office of the Labour Attache / OWWA in carrying out programs, activities and undertakings for the benefit of the Filipinos.